Alex Parker Sizzle
(REEL; 70 seconds)

Alex Parker’s scene from TREACLE, directed by Rosie Westoff (2019)
A bitter, divorced dad returns his son on his own time.
(DRAMADY; 50 seconds)

YOUTH, directed by Liza Seneca (2017)
Warren and Dennis have a bad weekend.
(DRAMEDY; 9 minutes)

WRONG E-MAIL, by Benita Robledo (2017)
See you at 7 ;-)
(BRANDED COMEDY; 90 seconds)

SCIENCE FAIR FICTION, by Laura Hauschild (2018)
An UBER/90 Second Film driven by...misconception.
(BRANDED COMEDY; 90 seconds)

THE GAME, by Chet Abbott (2015)
Forbidden pets & dumb dumb games....
(COMEDY; 3½ minutes)

TORN CANVASES, by Ted Ringeisen (2015)
Still relevant because...times are scary.
(HORROR; 3 minutes)

HAMLET, by William Shakespeare (2018)
O that this too too sullied flesh would melt